About My Finance Hackers

This website is dedicated to everything related to business and personal finance. It is far more than a financial information website, it’s a community. This website allows you to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals looking to grow their business or personal financial success by securing the best financing available.

Our Company History

I would like to first introduce myself, my name is Faye and I have been in the finance industry for 8 years. Starting off as a small business owner 15 years ago and segwaying into an independent contractor position was no easy task. But helping secure financing for every business type has been a great adventure. I also have been able to help individuals restructure their personal finances so they have a better platform. This leads the way to make other people’s money work for you. Over my years in the finance industry, I have learned the “secret sauce” that the lenders do not want you to know, along with credit tricks to help you be more competitive in the money game. That’s the bottom line to why I started this blog, I truly love helping people reach their dreams and goals. When I was a small business owner at 24, I realized quickly the finance industry is made of sharks, and having someone to help you navigate those waters can be the difference between long term sustainable success or disastrous failures that take years to recover.

Why Choose Finance Hackers?


Spend 15 minutes reviewing your profile and options with a registered credit expert. Learn the step to take control of your future finances and establish a long-term asset that has the ability to pay out for years.

Debt Consolidation & Restructuring

Not all lenders are created equal find the best lenders for restructuring on your terms. With expert advice you can do this without having long term negative impact on your credit.

Short- & Long-Term Planning

Having the proper support team and establishing short- and long-term financial planning goals can save you hundreds or thousands in long term interest cost.

Business Strategy

Work with experts on building a well-developed business plan and packages for VC’s and lenders alike.

Equipment Financing

Get the best rates and terms without the struggles of large fees.

Debt & Equity Financing – SBA Vs. Non-SBA Lending

Review options of financing with in house asset or using a lenders funds. How can government backed funds help you save on long term cost.

Have a great opportunity, Check your buying power